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Which Car Is Best For Your Life Stage?

With the huge range of cars for sale out there, finding the right one can seem like a daunting task. The truth is - as you go through your life - the perfect car for you will change. Throughout your life you'll have plenty of time to pick something that suits each phase of your car-ownership journey. Life is made up of milestones - relationships, jobs, responsibilities. As a motorist, these turning points are opportunities for fresh wheels. From your first run-around car in your mid-to-late teens, to the car you want to retire in, this article will look at recommendations for all stages of life.

Choosing the best used in your teens to 20s

Your first car is an easier one to choose, as your options are generally pretty limited. Without help, you'll be looking for a car that's not going to cost an arm and a leg, something reliable and cheap to run, but still stylish enough to be proud of. Getting something that's not too expensive to insure is smart too. Drivers who are still learning may also put extra value on manoeuvrability, to help build confidence.

Finding a new or used car in your 20s to 30s

When you eventually take the step out of education and into the workforce, you'll find that your options start to really open up for the first time. After finding a job, you may start to feel the need for something a little more provocative. At this stage of your life - post-school, but before the responsibilities of family - you should take the chance to be a little self-indulgent while you can.

Buying a car when you have kids in your 30s to 40s

The next major shift in your life will be toward settling down, to raise a family. While it's not necessarily the end of the world for your personal life, the responsibility of keeping children safe and getting them around is significant. Not to mention the thought of them borrowing it when they're old enough to start driving themselves!

A car for this needs great visibility - or better yet, movement sensors to eliminate as much as risk as possible. The classic choice for this phase of life is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle, or MPV. Cars with wide-opening doors make moving children and adults alike a breeze. It's possible a people mover will be overkill for your family, but keep in mind everything else that comes with children may need to fit in your car - bikes, pushchairs, etc.

Choosing a car you love in your 40s to 50s

After the kids have left home it's natural to shift gears back to what you had before - a car just for you. The typical mid-life crisis car isn't anything to feel guilty over, it's just symptomatic of your own needs surfacing again after so long spent providing for others. This is the time to shop for slick interiors, climate control - cars that feel as good as they look.

You'll want to be able to give others a ride - if you have to - but when you've got the resources to put yourself or your partner first again, it's up to you to be as serious or light-hearted as you want.

Safety and performance in your 50s and beyond

Eventually, you'll be spending less time in the car than you used to, so you'll want it to be both comfortable and uncomplicated. Things to look for now are height-adjustable seating, good visibility, and easy entry and exit. Easy handling, an automatic gearbox, and lots of space will also keep the driving fun and painless.

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