Business Finance Options

From researching the options provided by our finance providers to finding out how much you can afford to repay, and organising insurance, we've got it covered. Unlike many other lenders, our Finance Managers specialise purely in automotive financing and are therefore able to offer some of the best and most competitive options available.

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Commercial Products

Designed for customers that use their vehicles predominately for business use. These products allow for flexible payments to suit your business and cash flow requirements. We understand that as your business and circumstances change, so do your financing requirements; we will structure an individual solution that matches your business and personal needs.

Company and ABN Holders Registered for GST

For businesses that utilise a cash accounting system, this product may allow you to claim back the Input Tax Credit (ITC) up front via the business activity statement rather than over the life of the loan.

The product offers:

> Flexible payment structure with or without a residual which allows you to free up cash flow/working capital.
> Highly competitive fixed rate for the term of the loan.

Novated Lease

This is similar to a finance lease and is mainly used as a Salary Packaging tool in conjunction with a Novation Agreement, allowing the employee to drive the vehicle of their choice. The Novated lease specifies that the employee (lessee) assumes the responsibility for lease payments from their pre-tax salary.

The employee enters into a finance contract with the financier and the employer and the employee simultaneously enters into a Novation Agreement with the financier, under which the lessee's obligations are transferred to the employer who then pays the monthly rental usually from the employee's pre-tax income.

If the employee changes their employer, payment obligation automatically reverts to the employee; the employee may be able to re-novate with the new employer.

A Novated Lease offers you:

> Fixed repayments with your choice of term and vehicle.
> Possible tax benefits even though the vehicle may be predominately for private use

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